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Test Centre Books Catalogue 16

Tom Raworth

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The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology 

Fascicle IV of Jeff Johnson's The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology, covering the years 1988 to 1998, is now ready to order. 

Continuing directly on from Fascicles I-III (published in 2018), this volume covers Sinclair's entry into the mainstream following the success of White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings. It ends in the aftermath of his first major bestseller, Lights Out for the Territory

It’s a transitory, patience-trying period of false starts, beginning with an aborted attempt to launch a Spitalfields documentary, serving as a metaphor for the next decade with many meetings, proposals, pitches, forays, and experiments leading into cul-de-sacs.

The few major publications, usually novels, that take physical form have a long gestation period, full of difficulties. An editorial role, a possible way to bring Revival poetry to a larger audience, proves to be as frustrating as the authorial one. Journalism (TV, radio, and print) proves to be the quickest way to get the work ‘out there’ and, unexpectedly, paves the way to mainstream success and the end of bookdealing as the scholarly autopsies begin.

This fascicle, pleasingly, ends with the broadcast of a twice-thwarted Spitalfields documentary and the presaging of several publications in the coming year.

An essential resource for Sinclair studies, Johnson's multi-volume study, meticulously researched since 2012, is at once scholarly, experimental, and informal. The Bibliography details items authored by Sinclair, items edited and published by Sinclair, and Sinclair's contributions to books and periodicals. The Chronology documents the author's life as it relates to the work, the two being considered by Johnson as inseparable.

Included are: compilations/descriptions of 'lost' and/or rare Sinclair material, recovered from various repositories; numerous transcriptions of both recovered and never-before-published text by Sinclair; documentation of the wider scenes in which he was working; and examples of his correspondence, including the continuation of that between Sinclair and J. H. Prynne.

As per the previous volume this fascicle is published in paperback, A4 format in the style of a 1970s poetry magazine, and is approximately 425 pages.

Regretfully, there has been a slight bump in price from Fascicles I-III due to increases in paper, printing, and shipping costs; the book has been priced to cover costs only, with money left over used to keep the effort going. 

Order your copy of Fascicle IV of Jeff Johnson's The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology using the PayPal options below.


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