Test Centre Books is a bookdealing company which specialises primarily in the British Poetry Revival; the Mimeograph Revolution; underground fiction and poetry; lowlife and underworld fact and fiction; and aspects of film and modern art.

Much of our stock can be viewed and searched at AbeBooks, and we welcome queries about our many items which are not online. We also issue two catalogues per year of new stock, in April and October, prior to putting the items on AbeBooks. Our latest catalogue, released in April 2019, can be viewed below. If you would like to receive future catalogues, or to contact us in general, please email Will Shutes at will[at]testcentre.org.uk, or sign up to our digital mailing list below.

We are keen to buy individual items and collections suggested by our catalogues and stock, and we are equally interested in unusual and unfamiliar books and magazines. We are also experienced at working with archives and building libraries, and are available to work on projects large or small.

Test Centre Books developed out of Test Centre Publications LLP, which was run by Will Shutes and Jess Chandler from 2011 to 2018, releasing spoken word records and cassettes, numerous books, and eight issues of a fiction and poetry magazine. Available stock can still be purchased from Jess Chandler's new publishing project, Prototype. Most of our publications are distributed by Antenne Books and, in the US, Small Press Distribution.

We will continue to publish on an occasional basis, with a focus on large projects. Please note, however, that we are not accepting unsolicited submissions, and are unable to offer internships.

Any queries concerning Test Centre Publications LLP, for example relating to rights and permissions, should be referred to Test Centre Books.

Test Centre Books Catalogue 12

Three collections:
1. cris cheek
2. Jeremy Adler
3. Clive Fencott

Other sound, vision, and performance:

Download the catalogue here.

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