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Iain Sinclair: Contributions to Books and Periodicals.

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The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology

The first part of Jeff Johnson's long-awaited book The Works of Iain Sinclair: A Descriptive Bibliography and Biographical Chronology, covering the years 1943 to 1987, is now ready to order.

Meticulously researched since 2012, Johnson's study is at once scholarly, experimental, and informal. The Bibliography details items authored by Sinclair, items edited and published by Sinclair (for example via his Albion Village Press), and Sinclair's contributions to books and periodicals. The Chronology documents the author's life as it relates to the work, the two being considered by Johnson as inseparable.

Included are: compilations/descriptions of 'lost' and/or rare Sinclair material, recovered from various repositories; numerous transcriptions of both recovered and never-before-published text by Sinclair; documentation of the wider scenes in which he was working; and examples of his correspondence, including the complete extant correspondence between Sinclair and J. H. Prynne.

An essential resource for Sinclair studies, the book is also important for a reading of the British Poetry Revival, with Johnson's coverage of the 1970s being particularly vivid. This is flanked on one side by Sinclair's early days in Cheltenham and Dublin (from where he published William S. Burroughs) plus his first time living in London, and on the other side by his bookdealing years (which up until now have not been given much consideration) and the publication in 1987 of White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings.

Presented in three 'fascicles' (in one volume) spanning the years 1943 to 1968, 1969 to 1979, and 1980 to 1987, this first publication will be followed by other fascicles as they are completed; the next one, covering 1988 to 1997, is well on its way.

It is published in paperback, A4 format in the style of a 1970s poetry magazine, approximately 500 pages, and with a specially written introduction by Sinclair.

The book has been published by subscription, but a small number of copies are still available to order. The book has been priced to cover costs only, with money left over used to keep the effort going.

Prices are inclusive of p&p. Please note that orders can be made by bank transfer or cheque by arrangement, and that institutions can be invoiced as required.

UK: £40 | EUR: £50 | ROW: £55

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The Works of Iain Sinclair

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The Works of Iain Sinclair

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The Works of Iain Sinclair

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