SPECIAL OFFER: The Test Centre signed posters, complete set


For a limited time only, you can purchase the complete set of signed posters from The Test Centre, a series of events curated by us in 2013, for only £60.

The complete set consists of 8 posters, all signed be every participant, plus a general poster for the series signed by everyone. The artwork is by Traven T. Croves.

  1. The Test Centre poster – signed by every participant in the series
  2. RED EYE launch poster – signed by Iain Sinclair, Brian Catling and Chris Torrance
  3. Chris Petit & Mordant installation poster – signed by Chris Petit and Mordant Music
  4. Museum of Loneliness film night poster – signed by Chris Petit
  5. American Smoke launch poster – signed by Iain Sinclair
  6. Anthology Readings poster – signed by Sophie Collins, Timothy Thornton, Paul Kneale, Huw Lemmey and Harry Burke
  7. Test Centre Four launch poster – signed by Thurston Moore, Lee Harwood, Tom Raworth, Iain Sinclair and MacGillivray
  8. Proletarian Post-Modernism poster – signed by Stewart Home, Iphgenia Baal and Bridget Penney

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