Safe Mode


Sam Riviere

Test Centre is delighted to announce the publication of Safe Mode, an ambient novel by Sam Riviere, and his first book-length prose text.

Safe Mode, a diagnostic tool of a computer operating system, typically takes effect when an installation has a major problem. A parallel, miniature operating system contained by, yet separate from, the main operating system – here, is Safe Mode conceived as an apt metaphor for a literary work’s relation to the author’s life, or an emergency method of recovery?

Framed as an ‘ambient novel’, a term coined by the American writer Tan Lin, Safe Mode abandons the traditional novel’s temporal logic in favour of spatial and atmospheric dispersal, combining intensely personal material with unacknowledged appropriated content to explore the narratives made possible by mood, or the moods made possible by narrative. Which is which? Does it even matter?

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All pre-orders will be shipped by the end of June.

£20/£50 + p&p. 147 x 215mm; 128pp; 350 copies, incl. 26 special edition copies
Offset printed, section sewn exposed spine + dust jacket
Designed by Matthew Stuart
Printed by Unicum, Netherlands
ISBN: 978-0-9935693-3-3

** Please note that the cover image is a digital representation of the dust jacket and not a true representation of the final cover.

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